Oncology & Onco-surgery


The term oncology literally means a branch of science that deals with tumors and cancers. Cancer is caused by abnormal cell reproduction in the body, with potential to invade surrounding parts and spread to other parts of the body. This uneven multiplication can cause clusters of cells known as tumors. Tumors can be cancerous in nature or benign. Not all tumors are cancerous in nature. When they are not cancerous in nature, tumors tend to stop reproducing cells in abnormal patterns. They also don’t spread to other parts of the body.

However, when the tumor is cancerous in nature, it affects bodily functions, nutrient intake and suppressing of healthy cells. Cancer also causes tumors to spread to different parts of the body.

Oncosurgery which can also be referred to as Surgical Oncology is the discipline of medicine concerned with surgeries used for the treatment and diagnosis of various types of cancer. It remains the foundation for the treatment of cancer. It may be your only treatment or it could be used as a supplementary process to other procedures such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy and hormone therapy.

Department Highlights

The department of oncology is a super-specialized healthcare facility in Khetarpal Hospital. It offers very good patient care by highly qualified doctors (Oncologists & hematologists) & experienced staff

The department offers screening for various cancers, investigation, diagnosis and treatment of cancers. Patients and their families are involved in discussing treatment options, which can be tailor made as per them. There are ongoing initiatives in place for enhancing patient safety and satisfaction and clinical excellence; quality care to provide the most comprehensive, advanced and compassionate care to the patient and family. Cancer management is a multidisciplinary task and other specialties like neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, gastroenterology, nephrology, urology, radiology, and laboratory services play a vital role.

Services and treatments offered

Surgery for-

  • Head and neck tumors
  • Thoracic tumors
  • Breast tumors
  • Gastro intestinal tract tumors
  • Genitourinary tract tumors
  • Bone and soft tissue tumors
  • Gynecological malignancies
  • Pediatric malignancies
  • Complete diagnosis and all kinds of chemotherapy in solid Tumors
  • Treatment of lymphomas & multiple mylomas & other blood cancers.
  • Management of side effects of chemotherapy.
  • All kinds of emergencies coming across in oncology.
  • Facility for screening of cancers
  • Bone marrow aspiration & biopsy
  • Organizing free cancer check up camps.

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Khetarpal Hospital,
F-95, Bali Nagar,
Main Najafgarh Road,
Near Ramesh Nagar Metro Station,
New Delhi-110015

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Toll Free: 1800-116-211

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